This is a side-blog dedicated to Mabinogi and stuff related to it.
I play on All servers. Somewhat. (Mainly in Ruairi though.)
main blog: x

//AOEnogis through these rooms

This cannot be solo.

y u do dis 2 me mabi

//notices typo in the meme

//too lazy to fix

//hops in bandwagon


Hi ivorycakes. :’D

you know i was there so you could creep on me

otherwise i just would have been in my homestead

i’m anime thrash now, too

Doodles i did while i was away

i dont draw my alts nearly enough


I…have realized something.

I REALLY need people to play with on Mabinogi…

Otherwise it’s gonna take me forever to get through the quests…namely the generation ones. It took me ages to wear down the Heavy and Light Gargoyles with my pets in the Albey Green Gem dungeon…I SHUDDER to imagine what awaits me.

So, that said, would anyone like to play with me sometime? o-o My in game name is Erinoka, on the Alexina server. I have another character on Ruari, but that one isn’t anywhere near as far as my main is on the Gen 1 quests.

if you ever need help, you can add Soll222!

「 ۵ 」